Jaya Love!

Intuitive Guide, Sound Healer, Entertainer

A totally unique entertainment experience weaving together tarot readings, sound attunements, and shamanic healings!

Make your event AMAZING!

  • Over 20 themed tarot & oracle decks to choose from
  • Combine readings with tuning forks and other sound healing alignments
  • Awesome table set-up with lots of "woo woo" crystals and candles
  • Fast, in-depth readings that give clear answers!

About Jaya

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Jaya is a passionate performer and creator. With a background not only in the healing arts- Tarot, Hypnotherapy, and Sound Healing- but also in musical performance, Jaya will leave your guests feeling both uplifted and energentically supercharged.

  • Tarot reader for over 15 years
  • Incorporates a variety of instruments into healing and reading sessions (voice, didgeridoo, large gong, flutes, harmonium)
  • Creating group performances for over 10 years at parties and healing retreats
  • Costume options include gypsy, "classic" fortune teller, shaman, fairy, or sexy burning man/ "steampunk circus" attire.


I’ve been getting tarot readings from Jaya for a couple of years. I was attracted to her as a reader because her energy is so good. She’s really easy to be around, so I always feel very comfortable in a reading. I love the way that she tells it like it is but in a very palatable way for me. Also, she always gets me involved in the reading so it feels like we are both having a chance to see things in the cards, this makes it way more meaningful when I get involved.

While I love the intimate setting of a one on one reading with Jaya, I also love hiring her for parties. She’s come to 2 parties of mine and both were awesome. She dressed up in full costume for my Halloween party and looked amazing! My favorite part about having her at my parties is running into friends weeks and months later who tell me how spot on their reading was. It’s super fun for me to get a chance to chat with them about their readings from my parties. Thanks Jaya!”

~ Tyler Margason

“Jaya~ You are such a BEAUTIFUL ANGEL! Your sound activation at last February was so MAGICAL…thank you!!! Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift of love and music!!! So much LOVE and BLESSINGS to you!
*♥¸.•*¨`* ♥~”
~ Amy, Sydney and Taylor

"Jaya, I super appreciate the reading. The more I reflect on it, the more I see the pertinence." ~ Jason O'Keef


“Sacred Jaya is one of the most profound sound healers of our time. Her skill and sensitivity in using her multiple sound healing tools and modalities is truly remarkable! We welcome her at our raw food spiritual events and are blessed when she chooses to attend and share her love and healing music with all!”

~ Steve Adler, Founder of Sacred Chocolate

"I had an awesome reading from Jaya today which left me feeling heart-expanded and inspired!!!" ~ Julie Lipsitz

"Jaya, you were on point! Good pull." ~ Eric "Osiris" Suarez

“Jaya takes alternative healing to the next level. If you’ve never experienced sound healing with hypnotherapy you must try it! Her hypnotically smooth voice along with her enchanting music can easily put your emotions and spirit into a deep healing trance. I felt every cell in my body dance and tingle with joy and relaxation. I highly recommend anyone searching for a deeper connection with their health and spirit to go see Jaya!” ~ Van Nguyen

"Jaya's tarot readings always give me deep insight." ~ Rena Jones

Check out this Kundalini Sound Magic Performance!

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